Over the years, we have been privileged to have known and received help
in many different ways from many different sources.
Although words cannot express our gratitude, we would like to take this opportunity
to give our most heartfelt thanks
to some who have particularly made our display special:

Our Heavenly Father
who has blessed us with health, mostly good weather, and the means to
accomplish everything involved including overcoming many tall obstacles.

This year - especially to dear Sheryl!
(we call her the "head elf, Bernard" - for those of you who've seen
he Santa Clause),
without whom this display simply would not be here this year...
for her endless patience, hard work, creativity and time.
And also to some very special elves, including
Donna, Jeremy, Vinnie and Mario,
as well as other generous colunteers.

Our wonderful neighbors
who have for years put up with traffic, inconvenience,
and the crazy Kendalls in general—particularly:
Al and Carolyn, Craig and Deanna, Tim and Amy, Mark and Tracy,
Betsy, Bill, and everyone who lives on or near Lake Lucy Road.

Our very special “old” friends
who give of their time and themselves,
and without whose diligent help we could never get things done in time—
especially Al, and also Ron.

Our equally special “new” friends from Glencoe
who unselfishly give their time and help,
no matter how busy they are themselves--Lonny and Darin.

Our families
who help us, even though they don’t quite understand us,
but who are always there for us:
My special Little Mother, for her unwaivering love and constant prayers;
My Uncle Ralph, for his help with lights, sound and calliope music;
My brother John for his time and help, even though he thinks we’re eccentric;
His family—Jody, John, Molly & Christy—for help with Frosty and the elves;
“The Windom Elves”—Jim, Vicky, Maria, Brett and Ashley--
for their time, creativity, prayers, and tasks too numerous to mention;
and my beloved Auntie Marian and Bernie—for constant faith,
Elfie, The Tree, and our precious Praying Santa & Baby Jesus building.

All the wonderful elves & characters
who have given us their time over the years, no matter how cold it was;
and also our much loved & appreciated new “workshop elves”—
Gayle, Christy, Cheryl and Karl.

Our appraisers
who unselfishly carry our workload
so that we can take time off to put up the display.

Our office staff
who somehow manage to still run things during “crazy time” without quitting
or getting too hung up on what their job descriptions really are—
especially Kelly, for her creativity, invaluable computer expertise,
inexhaustible shopping runs, and eternal patience;
Jan for her always-happy attitude and calmness in handling crises;
and Don (what would I do without you) for simply everything—
including the house lights, our special first manger,
and the beloved Bear House that has given such joy to so many.

Our wonderful customers and mortgage companies
who continue to give us their appraisal business, loyalty and friendship
so that we have the financial means to be able to continue to do the display.

The City of Chanhassen
who over the years has given us their support, help,
understanding and guidance.

The Carver County Deputies
whose time and friendship have come to mean so much,
especially Keith & Titan, who have spent many long cold hours at the display.
(and last but not least)...

my wonderful and unique husband,
whose never-ending hard work, construction & lighting expertise,
unselfish love, and patience
continue to make my childhood dreams and fantasies into reality
that gives so much happiness to so many people.

Our deepest thanks & appreciation to all of you—
and to all who have ever in any way participated in the display—
without whose love, time and help we could never accomplish this gigantic feat.
May God always bless you for your generosity—
and for being part of our lives.